Popularity is a dating site related only to match & connect single Thai girls with Western guys, with an over 10 years of experience.

Thai Kisses is a website to aim of connecting single Thai girls with Western guys.  It’s been one of best dating sites and rank in Top 3 around all Thai related websites. Established back in 2006 has a potential and we will take a closer look on that.

What makes this site so special?

First of all it has impressive amount of members. Over 500,000 active members and unique visitors per month make this site rivaling to others. However this site is not only female centered, since its welcoming LadyBoys as well.

Website Design

Website design is just pure simple one. Main site is clear with a huge background photo of Thailand flag. There’s a lady picture but it looks a bit photoshopped. Register button is visible on the left along with some short searching bar.
If you scroll down there’s a list of online users and newest users, and it does updating every time you refresh the site.
Site is available in few languages but surprisingly there’s no Thai language here.
After logging in, users interface is a bit chaotic at first.


Features here are same as every dating site offers to its users. There’s nothing outstanding here but let’s take a look on some tools.
Quick search option works well and gives a lot of results if you are a specific of who you are looking for.
Chat feature is nice and you can check who’s online at this moment. It’s a nice way to meet somebody instantly. If you have a webcam you it’s only a plus.
We do like the idea of matchmaking e mail, where you are going to receive a list of profiles which might be interesting for you.


Along with other Thai dating websites, this one has 2 memberships as well: free and paid. With free one, your features are quite limited so we recommend the pay a bit and have more fun.
Prices start from $40 for a month (which is quite expensive compared to another websites) and $170 for a year.


There’s no mobile application corresponding to the website and you cannot switch to mobile version too.


Registration is easy but requires a lot of information to give back at first. Not only you need to fill out basic stuff but more detailed ones as well to get started with the website. For your convenience you can register by using Facebook account.

Safety and Privacy

Since we came across quite huge amount of profiles with no picture or profiles with African Ladies, we think this web is not that reliable as it supposed to be. There’s no information given about security.

Customer Service

As for the customer service you can send a regular e mail or have a phone call with somebody from support. What’s more few languages are available during the call which is a big plus but again there’s no Thai language there.

Final Verdict

Thai Kisses is site which definitely need a bit of improve. Despite quite huge membership price, this site offers the same features as every other Thai dating site do. We aren’t that sure that this is perfect service for somebody who is really serious about commitment; however user data base is quite impressive.


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